Make Art

This past weekend was a rough one for both myself and my anxiety. It was father’s day in the US, and honestly my anxiety was at an all time high on a personal level.  In addition to this the news of what is happening with the DHS at the Southern Border of the United States. The treatment of families and children at the border is abhorrent and paralyzing. I personally have contacted my representatives pleading with them to get rid of the doctrine that is causing all of this. After this it is hard to know how to devote my time.  After being left in this paralyzing fear what is left for me to do?

I must create.  After all of the good and necessary deeds I have taken as a citizen all I can do it share my thoughts on how to express myself in the world. All there is left for me to do is to write, to paint, to play music, and to continue teaching my students. I can volunteer. I can contact my representatives and voice my concern. I can register to vote but no matter what I must push on with my life. So should you. It does not help people to just wallow in the horror. There has to be a way to push.

The past year of recovery for me has been rough since my anxieties have paralyzed me at times. Now I am working on using the same anxieties to push me forward for action. In the darkest of times art is the truest savior. Even if it feels a little frivolous at times you must continue to push forward. Ideas have power behind them and expressing them are what makes the world special. Despite the pain leave the world a more beautiful place than you left it.

Part of the art I do is painting on seashells and I still think that it is important. I believe it to be a noble craft of creating something. At the moment I am working on a novel, I knit, paint seashells and keep this blog updated. What are the projects you are working on? Is there anything you like to keep updated. Please comment below as I would love to see what this community has in store!

Until Next Time,