Welcome to Brave Little Pufferfish

As the school year is now properly starting I believe that it is time for a redesign and reintroduction. So who am I?

Welcome to Brave Little Puffer Fish! My name is Dawn. I am twenty something scatterbrained nerd that lives by the beach with her pet Echeveria Succulent named Herman. On this blog you will find posts about grief, recovery, creative tasks, plants, and self care. As I am a giant nerd who loves comic books, Harry Potter, Disney, and so much more there are also posts on here about geeky self care. For many, including myself, using the language of the pop culture and stories that surround us helps us communicate what is going on in our heads. I believe that stories, art, and yes even pop culture can be great ways to find coping mechanisms. I plan on exploring this realm of geeky mental health and hope you will join me on this adventure.

I personally live with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Severe Depressive Episodes. In addition I am someone who lost my parents fairly early in life and from a young age had to take care . My goal is to share my journey through mental illness and grief in a way that properly conveys these hard topics. Too often grief and mental illness are swept aside because it is hard to talk about. I hope to create a safe space right here on this blog. I plan on sharing my story as well as my thoughts on mental health to create more of a conversation. The more we talk about it the better we can get through this weird thing called life together.

Oh, Herman is nudging me with something. He wants more of an introduction for himself and the two of us. Herman is a proud echeveria succulent who loves to stretch out in the sun. His favorite color is blue, he is a proud ravenclaw and for being quite a small succulent manages to be very mischievous.

I myself am a Gryffindor, am currently working on a novel, I play music in two groups over in New York City, and am constantly baking or coming up with arts and crafts projects. I am also happy to say that I am an amateur gardener and love taking care of Herman. I live by the beach and will do anything to spend more time in the water.

Feel free to stay a while I will be adding a new article every single Wednesday to this page. There may also be bonus conent popping up every once in a while so you are going to want to To catch more content, feel free to hop over on both twitter and Instagram @bravelittlepufferfish

Keep on Swimming,



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