February Goals

Hello everyone,

I am happy to say that I am not writing this a few days past the due date on my bed surrounded by things in my messy apartment. I am glad to say that I truly actually started to follow through with many goals and ideas. I calmly began writing this a few days before the end of the month in my mostly clean apartment from my makeshift desk of a tray table next to my couch. Some may not see this as much of an improvement, but I am quite content with this and hope to continue it. As I sip on my tea from my cozy couch I think it is time to look at the progress I made, confess to things I didn’t do, and set new goals or plans to continue the previous ones.

Things I did Do

  1. Clean my apartment
  2. Started composting
  3. Started to read more books and less social media
  4. Meditated at least 5 minutes a day
  5. Began to post on the blog (somewhat) regularly
  6. Wrote many essays
  7. Began and continued to run
  8. Was more social
  9. Lived my life despite my anxiety.


The last one I am actually more proud of I do have to say. For the past few months I have seriously been a hermit whenit comes to my anxiety. However in January I started to push myself. I went out even when I wasn’t feeling 100% great. I would  do jobs, make phone calls, and even put myself in uncomfortable positions. I was still anxious and would need time to recooperate but I can honestly this month I truly started to push myself more.


What I Would like to Do in February

  1. Learn more skills
  2. Draw more
  3. Efficiently play the piano
  4. Add about 40,000-50,000 words to my manuscript
  5. Donate or sell at least two large bags full of my stuff
  6. About 4-5 personal projects


Plans to continue

  1. I wish to continue meditating every day
  2. I hope to continue to work out on a regular basis
  3. I hope I can keep my living area clean

How did I accomplish so much.

  1. To Do Lists

I would write a list of itmes I wanted to accomplish some of which were small and some were big. This mixed helped me because it encouraged me to get more work done than the previous months would have me believe.

  1. Posting on my wall calender

I actually truly utilized my wall calendar! I posted the dates and things I wanted to accomplish which meant that every single day I would walk buy it knowing that there was something I had to do.

  1. Shared more of my work

I started telling more of my irl friends about my projects. This way they could ask about how my progress has been. Having a buddy system to keep you in check is one that seriously works. I highly recommend it.




In addition to this there should be another mental health related post going up today or tomorrow. Please let me know how your January went. I would also love to hear what are you plans for January.


Best Wishes,



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