December Goals and November Fails

Hello all it has been a very long time. 30 days really fly by like nothing. This is where confession time sets in. I did not complete nearly half of the goals of my monthly goals. I did an extremely poor job of completing everything. I did complete one big goal, however the first thing is to address my goals and publicly humiliate myself.

Here are the goals I did not complete.

  1. Draw More Using Skillshare


I 100% drew more during the month of November then I did during October, however I did not utilize Skillshare or my drawing abilities to their fullest potential. Part of the reason I wanted to draw more was to escape the endless scrolling and social media absorption my brain took in one day. This was a soft failure. I can do better.

  1. Walk every day

This is another failure. I walked more and I noticed the change in my perspective on life. I did not walk every day though. This was perhaps a poorly written goal since taking a stroll on the beach every single day is hard, especially with the holidays in the winter. Taking a break for a quick stroll is something I got better at but I still have a long way to go.

  1. Keep My Apartment Clean

As I am typing this my apartment has never been more messy or filthy. I had to clean out my aunt’s house during Thanksgiving Break which was filled with things that I completely forgot I owned. Funny how that happens? So this is one I really need to work on constantly.

  1. Exercise Regularly

I did not even properly attempt this one. I exercised once before I posted the goals. I noticed how wonderful I felt. My face was pulled into an endorphin crazed smile. Yet somehow the idea of agony during a workout triumphed in my memory. This one needs a larger push.

  1. Practice More

This is another where I technically did practice more but not in the way I should of. I only practiced for a little bit at the beginning of the month and did not regularly keep at it. So there was a step in the right direction but it was not completed.

  1. Finish Finale Project

This is one goal is embarrassing. I have Finale downloaded on my computer, but it is not even registered. I did not do the simple task of even just registering Finale so I could properly use the program. I did not put any effort into this project even though I had thirty days.

  1. Update this Blog

Considering how the last post on this blog is my November Goals I believe we all know how this one went. It is not because of lack of ideas. I have plenty of ideas I want to share with you. Heck! When I am cooking I near verbally dictate what I want to write down. I have two reviews of operas I have seen that have since closed at the Met! Two reviews of productions which can no longer be seen live. I promise to try to do better.

The Goal I did complete.

I won NaNoWriMo! In 30 days I increased my manuscript by 50,000 words! That is such a large accomplishment for me. I was able to participate in events both in the real world as well as online. I even garnered a few amazing writing buddies. If anyone else participated in NaNo this month, even if you didn’t win, I say congrats! You deserve a pat on the back as well as some well deserved sleep! Even though I did not complete many of my goals I seriously pushed myself with NaNoWriMo.


There is one accomplishment that is on my goal list that I did not put on there.

I went back to therapy.

In October I took a break from therapy and found myself skipping appointments. I thought I had gotten over the poor habit of bottling up my emotions. I was proven wrong when I had a breakdown at the beginning of November. This was the sign that I truly needed to go back to therapy. I have been going regularly again as well as doing my best to be patient with myself. Small steps are the best steps to recovery.


Why didn’t I complete all of these goals?

I believe that some of the goals I wrote were either too specific or too vague. For example “Walking Every Day” is extremely specific but perhaps a little bit too much. In contrast “Practice More” and “Exercise More” are so vague that true benchmarks are hard to come by. If you don’t exercise at all going out for one run is technically exercising more but that was not what I was looking for in my goals. However a goal such as “Taking a walk four times per week” is measurable as well as a challenge.

Another roadblock I ran into was I did not have a visual reminder for what my goals were. My wall calendar was left completely blank and I even forgot some of the goals I wrote down! Having a list or reminder of what you want to accomplish can be a big motivator to accomplish tomorrow. Do here are my December goals.


  1. Starts Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K is a program designed for people who are not used to exercising to become true runners. The plan eases people into running. The goal is tangible rather than just “exercise more”

  1. Sew a Stocking and a Tshirt Quilt

One of the things that I recently got back from my aunt’s place was a large box filled with my old dance and high school band tshirts. I will never wear those things again so why not turn them into something I will use. I am also sewing a stocking for my boyfriend who is Jewish. So these goals should be relatively easy

  1. Begin editing process of my novel
  2. Make a dent in my collection of Emily Dickinson poems
  3. Clean for 20 minutes a day
  4. Update this blog more
  5. arrange a song on Finale

I also have three personal goals. I will be sure to post these and use my calendar. I be posting more blog posts. So keep your eyes out.

Until next time


The Brave Little Pufferfish



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