November Goals

So it has been a little bit less than a week so I would say it is time to update this thing! To start off the month right as well as journey back into being a functioning human I decided to commit myself to some goals. What better way to hold myself accountable for goals than to potentially humiliate myself publicly if I do not complete them. This will also will help inspire me to be more organized and not as much as a lazy bum. My productivity has taken a serious decline since I graduated from university. Perhaps that is because I am not in school anymore surrounded by productive people or professors encouraging me to work in order to keep my scholarship.  But I wish to bring myself back up and creating something new all of the time. I am in my early 20s and that is supposed to be a time of taking risks and exploring. So in order to keep myself accountable for everything I am giving myself goals. So here is the list of goals I am giving myself for the month of November.

  1. NaNoWriMo

In case you didn’t know November is considered National Novel Writing Month. NaNoWriMo is a nonprofit that encourage everyone to participate in the lofty task of writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. That is 1,667 words a day. Back during the summer I had an idea for a novel and have since outlined, researched, and even started the manuscript. Before the start I had 13,397 words and not I have a little bit under 20,000 words. I do feel like my productivity levels have gone up because of this challenge and I am excited to see where it takes me at the end of the month.


  1. Draw more and use SkillShare more

I have always been a hobbyist of drawing, painting, knitting, and creating visual art in general. I heard about Skillshare from other content creators and instantly loved the idea but even though I signed up a few weeks ago I have not used it as much as I should have been so this is an attempt to change that! I started yesterday with the two classes Sketching for Beginners and 3 Minute Sketch Challenge, so far I honestly enjoy it. Here is my sketch from today, it is not the greatest but I took time out of my day. If I draw or sketch every single day then I will get better at it. Plus this is also an exercise to help me get away from mindlessly scrolling social media.

  1. Walk every day

I live by the beach and it is beautiful, I am very spoiled in this regard. But no matter what I always find myself trapped inside my apartment. I hopefully will push myself to venture outdoors more. The benefits of being outside are so endless that I can’t even mention them all. I did take a nice walk today and here are pictures from that. Walking by the water really clears my mind and is so humbling. Somewhere there is a quotes about how the water teaches us to breathe. It may be cheesy but it is 100% something I believe.



  1. Reacquaint Myself with Mornings

My job does not require me to get up early in the mornings so I have almost forgotten what they are like. Getting up has never been fun for me or anyone but I do notice when I get up in the morning and have a full day I am more productive and willing to do more than sit on my bed on my laptop all day. Admittedly I got up at 11:00am today which is way too late but hopefully that will start to change.

  1. Keep My Apartment clean

I am naturally a slob and must change my ways. No further explanation needed.

  1. Exercise Regularly

This is something healthy people do. I should be healthy this needs no more explanation in my opinion.

  1. Practice more.

I haven’t been a great musician in the sense that I have not practiced in way too long. I plan to get back to that since it will only better myself as a musician and as a person.

  1. Finish Finale Project

There is an arranging project that I have been working on for my friends and boyfriend to enjoy. It is a rather simple one and I have always enjoyed arranging so why not do it?

  1. Update this Blog

I have so many ideas and writing ideas. I want to share them with the world plus updating on a regular basis will give you the reader more content and hold myself the creator responsible. It may be every week, it may be two times a week who knows? We shall see!


Finally I do have a list of personal goals for myself there are about 4 of them. I will announce at the end of the month whether or not I have completed my goals.


Until then may all of my fellow pufferfish swim on without “sploding”!


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